Take advantage of our many years of experience and the excellent network of contacts that STINGEL_CONSULTING has to decision makers and HR managers

  • in the public sector
  • in manufacturing
  • in retail
  • in the service industry
  • in the construction trade


If you, as an IT/SAP specialist, are on the lookout for an interesting assignment, an exciting challenge or if there is a current IT/SAP project that you want to get involved in, then you are in exactly the right place with STINGEL_CONSULTING.

In one-to-one discussions, we will find out together which criteria have the highest priority for you and we will factor these into our researches

  • Industry
  • Size of company
  • Region
  • Working times
  • Project duration
  • Hourly rate


In conclusion, we put together a clear portfolio of exactly the right IT/SAP project queries for your with all the information about the company, about the contacts and about your potential future assignments.

If any of our suggestions appeal to you, we get in contact with the possible employer and set up interview dates. We stay in close touch with you during the subsequent decision-making phase, right up to the drawing up of contracts.


We are happy to have a one-to-one discussion with you:

+49 (0) 7431 549 221 - 0